How to maintain old customers




How to maintain old customers

1. Active communication, not passive consultation

As a trading enterprise, as an importer, most of the time, the customer will not only operate a single product, which limits his development. Generally, the customer will do the same kind of products as the manufacturer, and as a manufacturer's business, you have the space to play, do not have to wait for the customer to consult one by one, take the initiative to introduce the products you can do, and increase the trust between you and the customer Sense, but also stimulate his desire to order.

2. The customer should be patient when consulting

Have you ever met that kind of repeated request for proofing? Many businesses encounter customers who revise proofing repeatedly and feel very upset. A customer in a bad mood will be ignored, so you will lose a customer. In fact, think about it carefully. Why do customers repeatedly ask for proofing modification? That's because he is working hard to develop new products for cooperation, which shows that the other party is sincere in cooperation, and you don't think it's a waste to lose such a potential customer because of your lack of patience?

3. Keep in touch with customers

In the whole ordering and cooperation, as well as in our daily life, as a business, we need to communicate with customers frequently. In the process of ordering and cooperation, keeping frequent contact with customers is very helpful to let customers know the production, shipment and material flow of their goods, so that customers can keep sufficient control of their goods and also generate trust in you.

In the ordinary life, regular contact with customers will better increase your feelings between you, so that when customers have needs, it is easier to consider the relationship with you.

4. It is better to have an interview if possible

It's better to meet each other once than once in a thousand emails. In the business representative industry, few people meet with customers, but that doesn't mean we don't need to meet with customers. On the contrary, interview is an effective way of business development. Compared with the way of email conversation across the network for a long time, meeting each other adds a foundation of trust. Make customers more impressed with you.

5. Occasionally disclose product cost

Customers can find our domestic market to cooperate, in fact, part of the reason is that they are interested in our cost, our cost-effectiveness is high, so they will cooperate with us, but most of the time, customers do not like you to earn his money, on the contrary, no matter what you say, they will think you are making money, and he will not cooperate with you because you earn his money, Sometimes, if you can occasionally disclose the cost to the customer, you can add a lot of points in the customer's heart.

6. Have a set of efficient customer management methods

Our energy is limited. When we have more customers, we will become confused. In many cases, our attitude toward customers will be different. How can we take care of the customers' feelings to the greatest extent? We need a scientific and effective management method. This is personal experience.









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