fiber laser marking machine daily maintenance has a magic trick



In 2003, China's first fiber laser marking machine came out, which filled in the domestic market gap, and also marked the new milestone of China's laser industry. Fiber laser refers to the laser using glass fiber as the gain medium. The fiber laser can be developed on the basis of the fiber amplifier: under the action of the pump light, the high power density is easily formed in the fiber, which results in the "particle number inversion" of the laser energy level of the working material of the laser. When the positive feedback circuit is properly added (to form the resonant cavity), the laser oscillation output can be formed. Fiber laser is the representative of the third generation laser technology.
With its excellent beam quality, reliability, the longest maintenance free time, the highest overall electro-optical conversion efficiency, pulse repetition rate, the smallest volume, the simplest and most flexible use mode without water cooling, and the lowest operating cost, pulse fiber laser has become the only choice in high-speed and high-precision laser marking.
In recent years, fiber laser has become a hot topic in laser physics research, and it is agreed that it is a new generation product that may replace solid-state laser. It is mainly composed of three parts: laser, galvanometer and marking card. The laser marking machine produced by fiber laser has good beam quality. Its output center wavelength is 1064nm, and its whole life is about 100000 hours. Compared with other types of laser marking machine, its life is longer, and its electro-optic conversion efficiency is more than 28%. Compared with other types of laser marking machine, its conversion efficiency is 2% - 10% It has outstanding performance in energy conservation and environmental protection. It uses a laser beam to make permanent marks on different surfaces. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, or to "carve" the traces through the chemical and physical changes of the surface material caused by the light energy, or to burn part of the material through the light energy, so as to show the required etched patterns, characters, bar codes and other kinds of graphics.
After years of development, the application of optical fiber laser marking has become more and more extensive. Conceptually speaking, laser marking machine can be used when marking, such as hardware industry, spanner, measuring tool, sanitary ware, stainless steel tableware, medical equipment, luggage, leather bag, gift industry, such as metal gift, wooden box, U disk, notebook, clock instrument industry In addition, there are laser marking for mobile phone shell and electronic components in packaging industry and electronic communication industry.
In the process of using optical fiber laser marking equipment, users will encounter some questions. Next, the professional engineers of Han's laser will share some maintenance knowledge of the optical fiber laser marking machine for you to help you pay attention to the maintenance of the machine in daily production and improve production efficiency.
1. Regularly clean the protective glass of F - θ lens, and use a dust-free cloth dipped with a small amount of alcohol to wipe in one direction every day;
2. Check the operation of the fan regularly, and replace the fan with abnormal operation;
3. Clean the mouse and keyboard regularly;
4. Clean the dust of laser fan and air duct on a regular basis. When the equipment is powered off, clean it along the air duct with air gun every week;
5. Before starting the machine every day, carefully check the pressure of auxiliary gas. If the gas pressure is not enough, check whether the pipeline leaks;
6. Check whether the buttons are damaged and whether the indicator light is normal;
7. Before processing, check whether the lens of the focus lens is stained;
8. Check whether the position of lifting mechanism is offset before processing;
9. Check whether the software parameter setting changes before processing;
10. After the completion of daily work, shut down according to the shutdown steps, and then turn off the main power supply;
11. After the completion of the work, timely clean up the processing waste, clean the work site, and keep the work site neat and clean.



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