Knowledge of Laser Marker



Knowledge of Laser Marker

▀  Definition

Laser marking machine is also called "laser jet printer, laser printer, laser printer, laser engraving machine, laser laser laser printer, laser engraving machine, laser marker, laser marker, laser marker, laser engraving machine, laser laser laser engraving machine, laser laser laser laser laser laser marker, laser laser marker, laser laser laser marker, laser laser laser marker, laser laser laser laser laser laser laser laser laser laser marker, laser marker", which uses laser beam in various substances. The surface is marked permanently.

The effect of marking is to irradiate the workpiece locally with high energy density laser. The physical evaporation of the surface material reveals the deep material. It can either "engrave" the traces through the chemical and physical changes of the surface material caused by the light energy, or burn some of the material by the light energy to show the patterns and words needed to be etched. The word LASER is abbreviated from the initials of Light, Amplification, by, Stimulated, Emission, of Radiation. A kind of

L=Light: (light): CO2:10600 nm/9300 nm FIBRE:1064 nm





▀ The Principle of Laser Marking Processing

1. Basic Principles:

Lasers emitted by lasers are processed in a series of ways. After focusing by lenses, the energy is highly concentrated in a small range, which makes the surface materials melt instantaneously or even gasify. By controlling the path of laser on the surface of materials, the required graphic and textual markers are formed. According to the different properties of materials (such as melting point, boiling point, temperature of chemical change), a series of physical or chemical changes will take place in the workpiece, such as melting, gasification, oxide formation, discoloration and so on. This is the principle of laser processing. A kind of

2. Recognized Principles:

Cold Processing: Photons with high load energy can modify materials or surrounding media to cause non-thermal process damage. Because of the low temperature and lower ablation temperature at the bottom of the box, there is no "thermal damage" side effect to achieve cold peeling, so there is no heating or thermal deformation effect on the inner layer of the machined surface and the adjacent area, and no burning, black edge, deformation and other problems on the workpiece. Green light marking machine and ultraviolet laser marking machine belong to cold processing. _

Hot working: High energy laser beam is used to irradiate the surface of workpiece. The surface of material absorbs laser energy and generates thermal excitation process in the irradiation area, which causes the temperature of material surface (or coating) to rise and causes the phenomena of metamorphosis, melting, ablation and evaporation. In order to achieve our final target effect, because it is the use of high temperature to achieve the desired effect, so it is called hot processing. Fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine and semiconductor laser marking machine belong to thermal processing. A kind of

▀ Laser Processing Mode

Focused laser, like a very thin invisible tool, gasifies the surface of the local area of the object point by point. It is characterized by non-contact processing, non-contact with the workpiece, marking on any abnormal surface, no mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, so it will not change the physical properties of the processed object. The size of the focusing light is very small, the heat affected area is small, and the processing is fine. Therefore, some processes that can not be achieved by conventional methods can be completed. A kind of

▀ . Composition of Laser Marking Machine

It mainly consists of laser power supply, laser, scanning galvanometer system, field mirror and marking control system.

▀ . Advantages of Laser Marker

1. Permanent marking: Laser specimen processing is essentially a "destructive removal" process, marking is not easy to copy and change, marking will not fade due to environmental relations (touch, acidic and alkaline gases, high temperature, low temperature, etc.). A kind of

2. Non-contact processing: Laser marking is a non-mechanical "light knife" processing, marking can be printed on any regular or irregular surface, and the workpiece will not produce internal stress after marking, to ensure the original accuracy of the workpiece. A kind of

3. High accuracy of marking: The laser marking machine has beautiful and delicate marking patterns, fine marking, clear marking, lasting, beautiful feel.

4. Wide scope of application: It can be used for marking almost any material. 

5. Low operating cost: laser marking machine marking once shaping, marking speed is fast and energy consumption is low, no consumption of materials, so low operating cost. 

6. High efficiency of processing: The laser marking machine is controlled by industrial computer. The laser beam controlled by computer can move at high speed, and the marking process can be completed in seconds. 

7. Editing and developing speed is fast: it can mark any content and edit it at will.

8. Flexible configuration: it can meet the requirements of small batch or single (semi-automatic) processing, and also meet the requirements of industrial production line (fully automated) mass production. A kind of

9. Effectiveness is the same: ensure the same processing effect with different batches of products.

10. Environmental protection: Laser marking is non-contact marking, saving energy, avoiding chemical pollution relative to corrosion method, and reducing noise pollution relative to mechanical marking. 

▀ . Classification of Laser Marking Machines

1. According to laser classification: CO2, semiconductor, YAG, optical fiber, green light, ultraviolet, mopa. 

2. Classified by wavelength: ultraviolet (355_nm), green (532 nm), lamp pump YAG (1064 nm), semiconductor YAG (1064 nm), optical fiber (1064 nm), MOPA (1064 nm), CO2 (10.64 um)

7. Use of Laser Marker

1. Laser Beating: Laser marking dot guide plate is not easy to yellowing, high illumination, uniform light guide, lasting effect. 

2. Punching: Laser drilling has simple requirements for work piece clamping, and it is easy to realize on-line and automation in production line. Laser drilling can be carried out on hard, brittle, soft and other materials. The processing speed is fast, the accuracy is high, and the hole wall is smooth and without burrs. 

3. Sculpture translucent characters: The marking software independently developed by longitude and latitude laser and the marking parameters set by professional technicians can achieve the effect of carving translucent characters on plastic, glass, acrylic and other materials, which not only has no damage to the product's smooth surface, but also has a very clear transmittance. It can engrave LOGO trademarks, characters, two-dimensional codes, patterns, serial numbers, symbols, names, anti-counterfeiting codes, codes, barcodes, etc. The laser engraving machine introduced by longitude and latitude laser has the advantages of fast engraving speed, long service life, simple operation, zero consumables, high precision, safety, environmental protection, zero pollution, and long engraving text and pattern. Not fading and not falling off and so on.

4. Sculpture: It uses the thermal energy of laser to sculpt materials with high efficiency. The surface of the carved area is smooth and round. It can be widely used in various non-metallic and metal materials for sculpture. 

5. Laser marking: The laser marking machine independently developed and manufactured by Liaocheng Longitudinal and Latitude Laser Company is a more advanced and flexible technology. It concentrates the laser energy of micron scale on the surface layer which needs to be marked, and the laser energy will not cause a little damage to other and even the whole film layer, whether it is solid or not. It's dotted lines, or different scribed shapes, which can be easily realized! 

6. Laser hollowing: The existing laser technology can be used for hollowing and carving on various thin sheets. The laser marking machine produced by longitude and latitude laser is a high-speed digital scanning head with small volume, fast speed, good stability, dynamic focusing, wide processing width, suitable for arbitrary graphics processing, and compatible with various mapping software.  Bitmap, marking, cutting and hollowing are completed at one time, with no yellow edges and no pasted edges. Chinese style

7. Marking: Laser marking machine can mark products of any material with clear and fine marking. It has unique visual and tactile effects and can never be erased. Therefore, it has strong anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling characteristics. It can also improve the quality of products at the same time of anti-counterfeiting.

8. Integration of marking and cutting: The existing laser marking equipment for longitude and latitude laser can achieve marking and cutting simultaneously on a product. 


9. Laser burning: Laser marking machine effectively combines computer-aided design technology to finish Jean Fabrics artistically. By means of high-energy laser beam, the dyes on the surface of Jean Fabrics instantaneously vaporize or fade, thus forming image patterns, gradient patterns, cat whiskers and grinding on various jeans fabrics. Because of the controllability of laser, sand and hole washing can also achieve many individualized color extraction printing effects.

▀ . Operating Regulations of Laser Marking Machine

1. Before startup: Clean the working table before startup, check whether the laser marking machine is grounded safely, check the power cord of the marking machine to make it connect correctly and reliably. 

2. Start-up steps:

(1) Turn on the power supply of the bracelet engraving machine (after switching on the power supply, the working indicator lights are always on and the fans are running);

(2) Turn on the bracelet engraving machine.

(3) Open the industrial control switch, start the industrial control computer automatically, and open the laser marking software;

(4) Ensure that the emergency stop switch is not turned on

(5)Turn on the laser switch and start the laser system automatically;

(6)Remove the protective cover of laser galvanometer.

3. Marking operation:

(1) Open the marking software;

(2) Selection of marking documents Opening Selection of documents to be marked (or new editors to mark graphics and text);

(3) Counterpoint: Click on the "red light" below the mouse, the laser head emits a red box on the marking piece, translating the workpiece so that the box falls on the part to be marked, and then click to stop the "red light" after adjusting, and fix the tooling. (Note: When aligning, it is necessary to use red light quickly, so as not to shorten the service life of the luminous head.) (4) Focusing: Place the workpiece template at the place to be marked, then check the continuous marking, click on "continuous processing" with the mouse, then click on "marking", shake the handle to adjust the Y-axis rise and fall, until the laser acts on the workpiece with the strongest energy, the clearest sound and the brightest color, it is basically the focal length.

(Warmly reminds you that "continuous processing" is used only when focusing. After focusing, please remember to turn "continuous processing" off and operate again.) A kind of

PS: With manual focusing, it is slow and inefficient, and the focusing accuracy is not guaranteed, so that a lot of waste products are produced. For this reason, the company independently develops a system - automatic focusing system according to market needs. Automatic focusing system, can be configured in any type of radium carving machine. Only a visual positioning system is installed on the original laser equipment to realize automatic focusing and marking through the visual positioning system. Even if the thickness of the workpiece is slightly different, automatic focusing can be achieved. A kind of

_After the OK test, the labeling can be done by pressing the "F2" key. Marking multiple workpieces requires only repeating this step. _

The above is the first time to mark a dozen marking parts, save their graphics and marking parameters into files, and measure the height of laser head and marking surface. Next time, when the file is transferred from the computer and the marking height is directly aligned, the marking can be done. 

4. Shutdown steps:

(1) After confirming that the industrial computer does not run any software, turn off the key switch, turn off the laser switch, and automatically turn off the laser system;

(2) Turn off the laser marking software;

(3) Close the industrial computer in the computer system;

(4) Turn off the main power switch;

(5) Pull out the key and keep it by a special person for next use;

(5) Cover the lens cap.




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