Twelve Notices for Correct Use of Laser Engraving Machine



Twelve Notes of Laser Engraving Machine Laser engraving machine will also be a laser marking machine. In use and maintenance, we need to master methods and careful maintenance, in order to make the machine more stable to play its role.
1. Good grounding laser power supply for laser engraving machine and machine tool body should have good grounding protection. The ground wire should be used with special ground wire less than 4. The necessity of grounding is:
(1) It can ensure the normal operation of laser power supply.
(2) It can prolong the service life of laser tubes.
(3) It can prevent machine tool runout caused by external interference.
(4) Prevent high voltage discharge from occasional circuit damage.
2. The cooling water of laser engraving machine should be unblocked, whether using tap water or circulating water pump, so as to keep the flow unblocked. Cooling water takes away the heat generated by the laser tube, and the higher the water temperature, the lower the light output power (15-20 C water temperature is the best); when water is cut off, the end of the tube will burst due to heat accumulation in the laser cavity, and even damage the laser power supply. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the cooling water is smooth at any time. When the water pipe has a hard bend (dead bend) or falls off, even when the pump fails, it must be repaired in time to avoid power decline or even damage to the equipment.
3. Clean maintenance, good ventilation and cleaning maintenance of machine tools at any time are the necessary conditions for the normal operation of machine tools. Just imagine how people can move when their joints are inflexible. Similarly, machine tool guideways are high-precision core components, which should be cleaned and lubricated after each job is completed. Bearings should be regularly oiled so as to make the drive flexible, process accurately and prolong the service life of machine tools.
4. The ambient temperature and humidity should be in the range of 5-35 C. Particular attention should be paid to: if used in the environment below freezing point, it is necessary to:
(1) To prevent the circulating water from freezing in the laser tube, the water should be thoroughly emitted after shutdown.
(2) When starting, the laser current needs to be preheated for more than 5 minutes to work. In rainy and humid environment, the laser power supply needs to be preheated for a longer period of time, and can be added high voltage only after the humidity is removed, in order to prevent the breakdown of the high-voltage circuit.
5. When the "laser high voltage" button is dialed correctly, the laser power supply is on standby. When the "manual light-out" or computer misoperation occurs, the laser will be emitted, unintentionally injuring people and objects. Therefore, it is required to turn off the "laser high voltage" whenever a work is completed, such as discontinuous processing, and the operator is forbidden to leave without authorization when the machine is working, so as to avoid accidents. It is suggested that the continuous working time should be less than 5 hours and the interval should be 30 minutes.
6. Keep away from the sudden interference of large power and strong vibration equipment, which sometimes causes machine failure. Although it is rare, it should be avoided as far as possible. Therefore, such as large welding machines, giant electric mixers and large power transmission and transformation equipment, should be far away. Strong vibration equipment is self-evident, such as forging press, vibration caused by close-range motor vehicles, etc. The obvious ground shaking is very disadvantageous to the accurate carving.
7. The lightning protection measures of buildings are reliable. A "good grounding" in this section can also help prevent thunder and lightning. Special recommendations: In areas with unstable network (such as voltage fluctuation more than 5 percent), users should install a regulated power supply with a capacity of at least 3000W to prevent sudden voltage fluctuation from burning circuit or computer.
8. Maintain and control the stability of PC. The control PC is mainly used for the control of engraving equipment. In addition to installing necessary graphic design software, do not make special aircraft. The speed of the control computer will be seriously affected when the computer is equipped with network card and anti-virus firewall. Please do not install anti-virus firewall on the controller. If you need a network card for data communication, please disable the network card before starting the engraving machine.
9. Maintenance of the guideway: During the movement of the guideway, a large amount of dust will be produced due to the processed materials. Maintenance method: First, wipe off the original lubricant and dust on the guide rail with cotton cloth, wipe off, and then coat the surface and side of the guide rail with a layer of lubricant. Maintenance cycle: about a week.
10. Maintenance of fans: After a period of work, a large amount of dust will accumulate in the fans and exhaust ducts. Dust will affect the efficiency of the fans, resulting in a large amount of smoke and dust can not be discharged. Maintenance method: loosen the connection throat hoop between the exhaust duct and the fan, remove the exhaust duct, and clean up the dust in the exhaust duct and the fan.  Maintenance cycle: about a month.
11. Screw tightening: After the motion system works for a certain period of time, the screw at the motion connection will be loosened, which will affect the stability of mechanical movement. Maintenance method: Tighten the screw one by one with random attached tools. Maintenance cycle: about a month.
12. Lens maintenance: After a period of time, the machine will stick a layer of ash on the surface of the lens due to the working environment, which will reduce the reflectivity of the mirror and the transmittance of the lens, and ultimately affect the working power of the laser. Maintenance method: Use degreased cotton dipped in ethanol to gently wipe the lens surface clockwise and remove dust. In a word, we should always do the precautions of laser engraving machine, in order to greatly improve the life and efficiency of our machine.


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