Second visit to the factory




It's only two months since he last came to the factory.

This customer has placed three orders in our company, and the first visit factory directly dropped 10 marking machines. This customer suddenly told me the time he came to China, and will get off the high-speed railway in Jinan.

The value of this customer is very great, we immediately decided to go to Jinan to pick him up at 2019.07.27, 21:15, because it was night, the surrounding lights were dark, he was in the other direction of Jinan West Station,after a little episode, I was lucky to meet my old friend.

This meeting is obviously more familiar than the previous one.It's like an old friend who can play jokes on each other. On the way, I talked and laughed, not embarrassed, and talked about the details of going to the factory to see the machine tomorrow.

This customer is very polite, very gentleman, came to our company, took out their local delicacies, very enthusiastic to share with each of my colleagues, met people, always smiling and said: NI HAO, NI HAO MA, XIE XIE. He told me that this is what he learned in translation.

He told me that many suppliers would ask him when you would come to China and I would take charge of your ticket, but he was moved that only our company would agree to pick him up at night when he came to China this time.

This time I ordered him a hotel and bought him a gift. Our company has great sincerity to cooperate with this customer. I hope to cooperate with him more.

I have been in contact with his agent in China. She told me that this customer is very trustworthy and loyal. After communicating with him, I think his cooperation potential is very great. We will have more opportunities to cooperate with him to ensure high quality and reasonable price.

He will visit many suppliers in China this time, but how to be different is very important, try to impress him deeply, and express that we are looking forward to cooperating with you, our sincerity is very great. Human effort is the decisive factor!


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