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field lens is very important for the laser marking machine ,we are liaocheng jingwei laser equipment is a special manufacture for the laser marking machine ,and laser engraving machine ,laser cutting

The main functions of the field mirror are:(1) improve the ability of the edge beam incident to the detector;(2) in the same primary optical system, additional field mirrors will reduce the detector area.If the same detector area is used, the field of view can be enlarged and the incident flux increased.(3) the position of the image plane can be made available to place the modulation plate to solve the problem of nowhere to place the modulator;(4) homogenize the non-uniform illumination on the photosensitive surface of the detector;(5) when the plane image field mirror is used, the plane image surface can be obtained;(6) in terms of aberration correction, the distortion and distortion of the system can be compensated

The main technical parameters of the field mirror are: working wavelength, incident pupil, scanning range and focusing spot diameter.Working wavelength: mainly look at the wavelength of the laser. The lens of the field mirror is coated at a given laser wavelength.If the field mirror is not used in a given wavelength range, the field mirror may be burnt out by the laser or the required laser transmittance may be very low.Incident pupil: also called maximum incident spot.If a monolithic lens is used, the reflector is placed where the incident pupil is, and the diameter of the maximum available beam is equal to the diameter of the incident pupil.The larger the incident pupil, the smaller the diameter of the focusing spot that is focused through the focusing lens. Therefore, we will consider using the field lens with larger incident pupil, such as fine marking and galvanometer welding, when marking is required to be particularly fine.Scanning range: the larger the range that the field lens can scan, the more popular it will be.However, if the scanning range is increased, the focus point will become larger and the distortion degree will also increase.In addition to increase the scanning range, the focal length and working distance of the field mirror should also be increased.The longer the working distance, the loss of laser energy is inevitable.In addition, the spot diameter after focusing is proportional to the focal length, which means that the scanning range is increased, and the spot diameter of focusing increases with it. The spot density is not fine enough, and the power density of the laser decreases very quickly (the power density is inversely proportional to the square of the spot diameter), which is not conducive to processing.Therefore, the user should choose the most suitable field mirror according to the different processing area, or spare several different scanning range field mirrors.Focal length: it is related to working distance, but not equal to working distance.Focusing spot diameter: for the scanning system with incident laser beam diameter D, field lens focal length F and beam quality factor Q, focusing spot diameter D = 13.5QF/D (mm).So you can get a smaller focusing spot with a beam expander.

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