Principle and characteristics of standard machine



Principle and characteristics of standard machine
the UV laser marking machine is based on its unique low-power laser beam, so it can carry out ultra-fine marking and special material marking, which is the preferred product for customers with higher requirements for marking effect. It is especially suitable for the high-end market of ultra-fine processing, with fine effect and clear and firm marks, such as: 3C industry marks, electronic components, electrical shell marks, packaging bottles of food, medicine and other polymer materials; metal or non-metal coating removal; marking of various materials, blind slot treatment; new ultra-thin metal foil microporous production, etc. So, what is its principle? What are their characteristics?
 Principle: the principle of laser marking machine is similar to that of other laser marking machines. It is to use a laser beam to mark permanent marks on different material surfaces. The effect of marking is to directly break the molecular chain of material (different from the evaporation of surface material produced by the long-wave laser to expose the deep material) by short wave laser, to show the required etched patterns and characters. UV laser marking is a kind of cold working process, which is called the "photoresist" effect. The "cold working" has a high load of energy (UV) photons, which can break the chemical bond in the material (especially the organic material) or the surrounding medium until the material is destroyed in the non-thermal process. There is no heating or thermal deformation effect on the inner layer and adjacent area of the machined surface.    features: high beam quality, small focus spot, making marking more precise and clearer; small heat affected area, no thermal effect, avoiding deformation, damage or scorch of processed materials; widely applicable materials, solving the problems of many materials marked with fiber laser, such as less delicate, poor effect; fast marking speed, high efficiency.
Online flight marking function can be realized on the assembly line



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