The main reason and treatment of the laser not emitting light



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 the main reason of the laser not emitting light and the treatment measures

(1) check whether the power supply wiring of the laser is correct (+ 24V and GND are connected reversely, and whether the ground wire is grounded);

(2) check whether the emergency stop switch of the equipment is normal, and the signal is high level when the laser works normally;

(3) check whether the power supply of the laser is normal, and test whether the power supply meets the actual power supply requirements under the condition of no-load and with load (connected with the laser);

(4) whether the software settings are correct;

5)whether the serial port wiring is correct according to the wiring definition;

6)Whether the signal of 6-pin18 and pin19 is normal;

7) check whether the power supply of the marking card is normal and the signal of the control laser is normal (see 5.2 DB25 control interface pin function).


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