How to debug the parameters of laser marking machine to get a good result?



1. First, prepare a high-definition photograph (low pixels are too low to produce good results), import it into the laser marker software, and then we set the relevant parameters.
2. Fixed DPI value is what it means first? Simply speaking, the higher the value set in the pixel, the better the typing effect and the slower the relative time. Here the commonly used value is about 300-600, of course, you need to set higher is also possible, here you can carry out relevant parameters.
3. Then we need to set the relevant photo parameters. In most cases, we need to set the inversion and dot mode for the photos (there will be no inversion, normally it is necessary to set the inversion), set the extension, check the brightening process, contrast adjustment is to control the ideal effect of the photo typing. The white area is not marked, and the black area is marked.
4. Look at the scanning mode below. Here I usually use the dot mode. I set it to 0.5. Bidirectional scanning is not recommended. It is too slow to scan left and right, and the power of the adjustment point is not needed.
5. The right-most speed is about 2000, and the power is about 40. (Setting 40 power here according to the material of the product is a reference. If the cell phone shell is photographed, the power can be set a little higher.) The frequency is about 30. The problem of setting the frequency is that the larger the frequency, the more intensive the laser points come out.


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