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laser machine it have the laser marking machine ,laser engraving machine ,laser cutting machine ,laser source it have co2 lasert ,fiber laser ,uv laser we are manufacture factory in china ,if you nee


According to different materials, the laser absorption of different characteristics of different wavelengths, usually of the laser marking machine is divided into two categories, one is using YAG laser, suitable for processing of metal materials and most of the non-metallic materials, such as iron, copper, aluminum, gold, silver and other metals and alloys, and ABS material, ink coating, epoxy resin and so on.Another kind of CO2 laser, can only process non-metallic materials, such as wood, paper, acrylic, glass and so on.Some materials are suitable for both types of laser marking machine, but the marking process will be different.According to the laser, there are solid state laser, fiber laser, gas laser, semiconductor laser, and so on.Domestic relatively mature laser marking machine is YAG solid state laser marking machine.YAG marking machine includes lamp pump, semiconductor and fiber three categories, CO2 marking machine includes rf tube and glass tube two categories, these five products constitute the standard model of laser marking machine.According to the actual needs of different users, with different appearance structure, fixture and fixture, customized software system, constitute a perfect laser identification solution.Compared with traditional marking methods such as pneumatic marking, electric etching, silk screen printing, code jet, mechanical engraving, laser marking has the following advantages:1. Laser processing for light contact, non-mechanical contact, no mechanical stress, so it is particularly suitable for high hardness (such as hard alloy), high brittleness (such as solar silicon), high melting point and high precision (such as precision bearing) especially high requirements and other occasions.2. The energy density of laser processing is large, the time is short, the thermal affected area is small, the thermal deformation is small, the thermal stress is small, and the internal electrical performance will not be affected.Especially 532 microns, 355 microns, 266 microns laser cold processing, suitable for special material precision processing.3. Laser direct burning etching, permanent marking, non-erasable, no failure, deformation and fall off, suitable for anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling goods, to achieve the requirements of product traceability.

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