How to maintain laser marking machine ?



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How to maintain laser marking machine

Boot process
    1) Turn on the external power supply (leakage switch on the wall).
2) Press the computer power start switch (PC Power) to enter the computer operation interface.
3) Start the main control power: Turn the key switch (LOCK) clockwise, and the whole device can be started.
4) Rotate the emergency stop switch (EMERGENCY) clockwise to operate normally. (When an abnormal situation occurs, press the emergency stop switch quickly, the system loses power and enters the shutdown state; if it is turned on again, please push the emergency stop switch button.)
5) Infrared indicator button switch (Red Indication), press the button START to simulate laser scanning with visible red light to determine the range and position of the laser marking. Keep it open normally.
    6) The galvanometer drive switch (S-SWITCH), the switch is turned ON, the galvanometer driver is turned on, and the Scan Power Alarm indicator is off.
7) Press the power switch on the HAN-S LASER starter to make the laser head enter the working state. At this time, the power switch indicator light is on. Now turn on the computer monitor power supply and enter the desktop HAN-S LASER MARKING SYSTEM marking software system. , draw any graphics or text, press the marking, empty marking once, observe whether the instrument and software are normal.
8) Turn on the laser power box GTDC2020S Press the power switch to the ON state, then press the START button, the light is on, the instrument is normal, and finally the current is adjusted. Turn the CURRENT button to adjust the current to 12-14A. (According to the characteristics of our products, the higher the current, the deeper the marking depth).
9) Place the product at the same height and focus on the laser head (continuous marking of the graphic or file just drawn). Adjust the height of the arrow on the pole. When the brightness of the laser is the brightest and the loudest, the focus is good. .
10) Enter the computer software operation interface, and set the production of the marking documents that need to be produced.
11) Now normal orderly production operations can be started. The foot switch can be used for control. One product can be operated according to the requirements. The product cannot be scrapped due to misoperation. The first inspection requires the relevant responsible personnel to confirm the mass production.
Shutdown steps:
1) Marking production is finished, save the marking file first, exit the software, then rotate the CURRENT button to adjust the current regulation of the power box GTDC2020S to 0A, press the stop button, the light is off; finally turn off the power switch to the OFF state to turn off the GTDC2020S power supply. .
2) Turn off the power switch of the HAN-S LASER starter box to stop the laser head and the power indicator is off. 14) The galvanometer drive switch (S-SWITCH), the switch is turned OFF, the galvanometer driver is turned off, and the Scan Power Alarm indicator is on.
3) Infrared indicator button switch (Red Indication), press the stop button to turn off the visible red light analog laser scan.
4) Turn off the main control power and turn the key switch (LOCK) counterclockwise. At this time, the whole machine is turned off. 17) Turn off the computer and turn off the main power switch (wall leakage switch).
Equipment maintenance and repair
Under normal working conditions, the equipment should be periodically maintained and designated, and designated personnel should be responsible for supervision and implementation.
1) Check the equipment cooling system before starting the machine to ensure that the water level line exceeds the scale on the water tank, and the water pipe is not folded.
2) After the device is turned on, there is no abnormal noise and the device works normally.
3) After work, the operator needs to clean the appearance of the equipment and the surrounding working environment, and can not move the equipment, so that there is no debris, no dust, clean, the equipment is neatly arranged, and there are no related items.
4) Regularly replace the cooling water and clean the water tank to ensure the water is clean.
5) Dust off the cooling system and the main control box regularly, and lubricate the work table regularly.
    6) Check whether the working temperature of the pump during the operation of the pump is 22 °C-28 °C, whether there is noise in the operation.
7) Scrubbing the beam expander and the full-lens lens with more than 99.5% pure alcohol per year.
8. When the equipment fails, the relevant management personnel should be notified in time to find out the reasons, and it is necessary to notify the manufacturer's technical personnel to repair in time.
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