two methods for measuring focal length of laser marking machine



One: continuous light out test method;
First, draw a square or circle about one centimeter on the marking software. After normal filling, adjust the laser energy to a larger value in the laser setting parameter column, and use the low frequency as much as possible. Then check the continuous marking, place a block like gold business card on the laser projection position of the product surface, continuously mark the light, and shake the y-axis up and down until the laser acts When the metal business card sound is crisp and the color is bright, it is basically the focal length. Test it several times over and under to find the appropriate focal length.
This method is suitable for 1064nm optical fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, 355nm ultraviolet laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, etc.
Two methods: measuring focal length;
After the equipment manufacturer informs the focal length data of the current equipment, it can record it, and then switch the product every time. It can directly lean on the product surface with a steel ruler. The scale value refers to a certain reference surface on the field mirror, which can be shaken up and down to the scale data. This method is applicable to all laser marking machines, but one disadvantage is that if the product position that needs laser engraving is concave or not suitable for inserting steel ruler, this method is not very practical.
Above several methods are used to find the focal length of laser marking machine. It's very easy to master. Of course, if we contact more laser marking machine operation and technology, we will find that there are some special technology applications, the effect may not be good on the positive focus plane.


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