Difference between 20W and 50W fiber laser marking machines



There are 20 watts, 30 watts and 50 watts of fiber laser marking machines. Different power prices are different. The higher the power, the higher the price. Now we need to make a small number of lasers to explain for you. What is the difference between our commonly used model, which is 20W for fiber laser marking machines or 50W for fiber laser marking machines?
There is no difference in the appearance of the machine. Just look at the laser of the machine. The difference of the 20W / 30W / 50W fiber laser marking machine is that the price is different because of the different power. The difference of the power is as follows:
The 50W power is relatively larger and can be played deeper and faster under the same material.
The 20W power is relatively small and the same material is lighter and slower.
From the power point of view, 20W is more than 10W, 30W is more than 20W, and so on. The power here refers to the average high output power of the laser. You can choose the appropriate power according to your own products. From the perspective of energy conservation and cost, on the premise of meeting the efficiency, you can use the low power rate as much as possible.
The laser peak value of 20W optical fiber marking machine is higher, and the cover surface will be wider than that of 10W optical fiber marking machine. In addition to ultra-fine processing, 20W optical fiber marking machine has been recognized by most of the manufacturers in terms of application surface and efficiency. The speed of 20W optical fiber marking machine is also faster than that of 10W optical fiber marking machine, and the selection rate is over 60%.
As for the 30W optical fiber marking machine and even the 50W optical fiber marking machine, as long as some special products are applied, such as deep carving, deep ink peeling, small cutting, etc., because of its high price, the selection rate is low.



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