The application of laser engraving machine in various industries



A co2 laser engraving machine that can be used in many industries such as advertising, leather goods, craft gifts, and plate making industries. It seems to be far from our life, but it is actually everywhere around us. What is the application of laser engraving machines in various industries? What about the development prospects? In order to clarify these issue


Laser engraving machine around us

Tony is the manager of an advertising company. When asked if the laser engraving machine can be used, he told us with pleasure: "The laser engraving machine is widely used in our advertising industry. Because of the high customer demand and high pursuit. In the past, billboards could not meet their needs, so the demand for acrylic materials is increasing. The laser engraving machine can complete the engraving of acrylic materials quickly and efficiently. If we make it by hand, it will definitely not work." Tony also showed us a JW laser engraving machine that he is using. "I bought this machine for a long time, the quality is very good, the engraving precision is high, the speed is fast, and the engraving, printing, cutting and stamping are integrated. The function is more practical and is a good machine."


Think about the friends around us, do you particularly like craft gifts? How do the beautiful appearances of craft gifts come from? You didn't guess wrong, it was done with a laser engraving machine. Engraving on craft gifts, strict requirements, especially ceramic glass products, if you are not careful, it will damage the crafts. The laser engraving machine has a dedicated laser head, and the beam has high stability, so the engraving speed is fast and the precision is high. The machine can work continuously for a long time without causing damage to the crafts. After reviewing the craft gift processing industry, We learned that the engraving machine they commonly use is also JW laser engraving machine, and the machine uses the well-known CO2 laser tube in China and overseas. The beam is stable, the power is super strong, the engraving effect is good, and the cost performance is high.


CO2 Laser engraving machines can also be applied to fabric processing plants. After she was laid off, Ms Zhang was assisted by a small garment processing factory in the village, responsible for the pattern production after the completion of the garment. Originally thought to be a very complicated job, but a JW laser engraving machine used in the factory helped her a lot. The machine is specially used to hollow out the fabric pattern. "This laser engraving machine is very easy to use. The hollow pattern added to the fabric is beautiful and fine, it will not damage the texture of the fabric itself, but also enhance the three-dimensional sense. Come out, customers like it, sales are good."


Laser engraving machine has broad prospects and huge potential


The above survey is only some of the most common industries we usually have. In the industries of hot drilling, bamboo and wood products, plate making, etc., which we have not had deep contact, the use of laser engraving machines is also very frequent. The laser engraving machine is a technology with mature technology and wide application in the field of laser processing, so its development prospects will be very broad.


In the various laser engraving machine manufacturers, customer satisfaction is JW laser engraving machine, lightning-type engraving speed, high precision, high efficiency, is an important helper in your work!


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