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laser cutting machine for steel and iron plate

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Strong efficacy co2 laser metal Aluminum plate cutting machine price

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1.High performance is transmitted through optical fiber,enabling equal quality cutting at any point.
2.High efficiency cutting speed is about twice as fast as CO2 laser cutting speed.
3.Low gas consumption laser cutting will not produce any gas,there is a special cutting process for steel plate.
4.Low energy consumption,environmental protection and energy saving,the product consumption is very low,compared with CO2 laser machine can reduce 20-30%.
5.Maintenance-free fiber transmission,no reflector lens,saves a lot of time in light path adjustment.

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The optical fiber laser cutting machine has high precision and is suitable for cutting precision parts and fine cutting of various craft words and drawings. The cutting speed is fast, which is more than 100 times of the line cutting. The thermal influence area is small, the performance is stable, guarantees the continuous production, not easy to be deformed, the cutting seam is smooth, beautiful, does not need after the order processing and so on the merit. Compared with CNC punch, optical fiber laser cutting machine can complete the processing of various complex structures, as long as it can draw an image on the computer, the machine can complete the processing. No need to open die, only on the computer map, the product can come out immediately, that is, can quickly develop new products, can save cost, complex process requirements, numerical control punches difficult to achieve, fiber laser cutting machine can do.

product application


 Ordinary carbon steel plate/stainless steel plate/iron plate/aluminum plate/copper plate/galvanized plate/aluminum and zinc coated plate/cold rolled plate/silicon steel plate/alloy plate,etc

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