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laser cutting machine for wooden box

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4060 laser cutting machine for acrylic/leather/cloth

Send us your original sample or email us your sample picture, we can test and make free sample for your confirmation within 10-20 minute !          l m waiting for you sir

working area 40cm*60m / 16n*24 (L*W*H)
Laser type CO2 sealed laser tube
Cooling type water cooling
Laser power 40w 50w 60W 80w(optional)
Engraving speed 25-60000mm/min
Cutting speed 20-10000mm/min
Power supply 220V±10% /50HZ , 110V±10%//60HZ
Min. shaping character Letter 1.0 x 1.0mm
Graphic format supported BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, AI,CDR
Software supported CorelDraw, PhotoShop, AutoCAD
Laser Output Control 1-100% software setting
Highest Scanning Precision 2500DPI
Location precision 0.01mm
Working temperature 5 to 45 degrees
Operating humidity 5%-95%(without condensed water)
Equipment Dimension 1100mm*750mm*500mm(L*W*H)
Net Weight 90KG
Optional parts
Up-down worktable, Red light pointer, Auto focus, Rotary
device,Auto- air blowing
Warranty 3 years


Certification FDA FCC CE ISO etc..
1. Imported linear guide rail and high speed stepping motor and driver to make the cutting edge smooth and uncorrugated;
2. Adopt integrated frame structure design to make the machine run steadily without noise;
3. Simple operation, optional carving sequence, processing level, flexible adjustment of laser power, speed and focal length for local or all one-time output;
4. Open software interface, compatible with Autocad, Coreldraw, wentai sculpture, Photoshop and other vector graphics design software;
5. Equipped with water break protector, better protect laser, extend the life of laser, optional foot pedal switch, make your operation more convenient and fast.
6. Exquisite design; Super strength steel plate, industrial grade; Effectively guarantee the smooth operation and service life of the equipment;
7. Double guide rail operation; Belt drive; You can choose to configur
8. Patented technology: unique up-down and down-draft smoke and dust removal system; Blowing protection; Carve cutting materials.
please call me any time : my wechat +86 15954946664 ,l will chance a cheaper and very good machine for you.waiting for you here.where are you?
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